Hamza Mehboob


The Pineapple Exp

A tour agency website.

Project Information

The Client

The PineApple Exp, a tour company based in Hawaii, USA, is dedicated to creating unique and intimate experiences for travelers. Specializing in small group tours, they foster connections among people from different parts of the world, providing adventures filled with smiles and cherished memories.

The Goal

The goal for The PineApple Exp website was to redesigned the website to create an eye-catching and engaging platform, showcasing the beauty of Hawaii’s destinations. The client wanted that website design in such a way that visitors can easily explore available activities and effortlessly book their dream tours. By combining captivating visuals and user-friendly features, our aim was to entice travelers and leave a lasting impression of the unforgettable experiences they can have in Hawaii.


The new website for The PineApple Exp delivered excellent outcomes. Visitors were captivated by Hawaii’s stunning beauty showcased on the platform. With easy navigation, people explored various activities and tours, leading to increased interest and engagement. The hassle-free booking process resulted in more reservations, leading to satisfied customers. The website’s success established.