Hamza Mehboob



A website for buying and selling pre–loved wedding outfits. 

Project Information

The Client

WedViva is a platform dedicated to buying and selling pre-loved wedding outfits. Their focus is on providing a seamless marketplace for users looking to find their perfect attire or make a sale with ease.

The Goal

My goal for the WedViva website was to make buying and selling pre-loved wedding outfits simple and hassle-free. Also, the goal was to design an easy-to-use product page and buyer form, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.


The website redesign for WedViva brought remarkable results. With a simple and user-friendly design, buying and selling became easier, leading to increased sales and website traffic. Positive feedback built trust and encouraged repeat customers, boosting revenue. The platform’s success created a strong foundation for future growth, establishing WedViva as a top choice for effortless pre-loved wedding outfit transactions.